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I believe that you can live an EXCEPTIONAL life regardless of your circumstance. ANYTHING is possible when you are ready for growth and have coaching expertise to guide you along the way. 

Life Coaching

Get an outside perspective to help you identify and understand your life patterns. Understand the why behind your life choices, receive tools needed to help attain the  fulfilment, purpose, and success that you deserve. This is easier than you think!

Health & Fitness

It's time to start looking after yourself. This includes looking after your health and becoming actively fit so you will have the energy and vitality to live life to its fullest! It's time to take control so you have the energy for the challenges of each day.

Retreats & Workshops

Ready to make changes in your life? Ready to have an immersive experience? Want to make new connections? We have a variety of opportunities that are perfect for you to grow. Evening workshops and Weekend Retreats are available!

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Clarenda's Empowerment Training

It's life changing!

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