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Feel Light Heart, Mind and Body Retreat

Here’s Your VIP Invitation To Experience This Feel Light Approach To Being And Living.

This invitation is open but limited to 16 women who want to have a break from their daily routine. The to-dos will always be there. They won’t magically disappear but you can intentionally disappear for a beautiful reset of your heart, mind, and body.

SUNNYSIDE BEACH, N.B. | OCT. 13-15, 2023

We Desire To Feel Lighter And Live At Ease...
but why does it always feel like it’s just outside our grasp?

We think maybe next month, after the next event, next year, or when we retire. We delay our dreams. We discount our health. We stay uncertain about our purpose because that takes uninterrupted time and guidance to find it. We make more withdrawals than deposits into our energy bank.

I know. I get it. However, it’s not your fault.

We have slipped into patterns that have been modelled for us, rewarded us, fit societal expectations and norms, and increased demands to achieve success. For what? More heaviness? Stress? Temporary relief and pleasure?

We’re designed for connection. Our hearts yearn for meaningful relationships. The quality of our relationships depends on the quality of the relationship we have with ourselves. You matter.

If your mind and body are craving space to breathe and fully relax, you’re reading this for a reason. You’ve probably been longing for an opportunity to do so.

This Retreat Is For The Woman Who Knows She Needs...

  • A break
  • A renewal
  • A lift in energy
  • Connection
  • Simple empowering tools and techniques
  • Time away from anything (or anyone calling her name)

Imagine Knowing You Have This Gift Waiting For You To Enjoy In October.

You can anticipate the sound and sight of the waves lakeside, gorgeous foliage, evening fire, time alone, and empowering group sessions with other women craving a similar experience as you.

You’ll be nourished by our own amazing
Private Chef Ness from Deux Chef catering.

Retreat Testimonials

Hear what past attendees have to say about Feel Light Heart, Mind and Body Retreats.

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Discover How To Add More Ease To Your Life.

Whether it’s decreasing mind stress, realigning with your values and priorities, simplifying weight loss, deepening relationships, or learning how to overcome any obstacle that’s holding you back from getting the result you want … this retreat will nurture your heart, mind, and body.

You can anticipate the sound and sight of the waves lakeside, gorgeous foliage, evening fire, time alone, and empowering group sessions with other women craving a similar experience as you.

You’ll be nourished by our own amazing Private Chef Ness from Deux Chef catering.  

Yes, if you’ve attended my last two retreats, you know how amazing her healthy creations taste. Whether you choose vegan or traditional cuisine, you will be perfectly satisfied. 

Give yourself a needed break away. A few hours don’t cut it. It doesn’t allow your body to settle and recharge. It’s better than nothing but you deserve more than that quick break to thrive and stay happy and healthy.

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What to Expect From This Weekend

Relevant and practical sessions that will empower you to embrace all that life brings to you. You'll learn how to create the results that you want in your life in a way that feels light in your heart, mind and body as you are achieving them.

Why wait until after you reach your goal to feel better? You can  enjoy the process! Seriously. You'll learn some hacks and practical tips to generate that feeling now which will drive your actions to give you an amazing, exceptional life experience.

This retreat is designed to give you time for reflection, connection, time alone to breathe, or time with others.  

It's the 7th women's weekend retreat. I'm excited for you to join us. Each one has evolved as I have evolved, so it will be a unique experience designed for you. I've been listening to what you desire more of... more peace, joy, ease, connection, freedom, compassion, and simplicity in your life. It's available.

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Not Sure This Is For You...
but would really like to be a part of this?

If this is speaking to you, book your free 20 minute consult call to see if this is a great fit for what you want more of. On the call, I will answer any lingering questions and share the details on the accommodations and investment.


I’m a bit of an introvert. Will this still benefit me?
Absolutely! I've got your back Soul Sista! I'm an ambivert (outgoing introvert) so I love socializing but I need alone time to recharge. I respect and honour however you want your experience to be. I give everyone permission to share or not share at all. Many introverts are surprised at how quickly they feel at ease and comfortable to just be themselves. Regardless, you will receive a ton of value and will love the optional time alone built in to recharge.

I’m concerned about confidentiality.
As always it will be a safe, kind, nonjudgmental, empowering, and comfortable space.
Part of the consult is discussing this agreement. From my years of experience those that choose to invest in themselves will be intentional, respectful, honouring, and supportive of others.

I’m out of shape. Will there be exercise involved?
Great question! You may have seen pictures of the first three retreats I hosted as a personal trainer before I became certified as a life coach. Have no fear, you will NOT have to push an SUV up a hill. Lol.

There will be an optional yoga flow on the beach one morning and a group meditative walk another morning. You may decide to join in, do your own thing, or snooze a little longer. You'll be encouraged to do what feels most nurturing for yourself, guilt-free. Remember, there won't be anyone calling your name... heavenly!

What if I don’t know anyone? "I'm not sure if I belong here."
You absolutely belong and will be warmly welcomed! If you nodded your head earlier to even one of the reasons listed under "This retreat is for the woman who knows she needs..." then this will benefit you tremendously. There has always been women who've attended without knowing anyone else (sometimes they have never met me in person either). It's amazing how quickly that changes! If you say yes to this opportunity it's because you relate to and desire what's being offered. So automatically you all have that in common.
As a retreat creator and facilitator, connection is intentionally fostered in a natural and beautiful way. No one is ever left out. There's no middle school mentality with the kind of women I attract in and that includes you. There is no status, only real women.
I also create an optional private Facebook group on October 2nd so we can do brief introductions and interactions before we meet on October 13th.  It lights me up to see new friendships formed and continue to develop over the years.

But you're also welcome to invite a friend, colleague, family member, or neighbour. Simply share this with them or have them reach out to me so they too can book a free consult. It's going to be an amazing weekend that you don't want to miss out on!!

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This weekend retreat is open to the first 16 women who sign up. So don't hesitate to book the consult as once it's full, it's full.

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